Decribe Role project Management has for Information Technology.

Corporations can be organized with an emphasis on functionality, projects, or a combination of functionality and project analysis.  Historically, most corporation were defined as functional. With the coming of the computer age many American companies opted for a “project oriented” organizaton.  Companies send out a lot of RSVP and award a lot of contracts. A lot of revenues are achieved by subcontracting data processsing services to consulting companies.  Initially the computer industry worked on a lot of government, banking and military assignments.  The project required exceptionally skilled mathmaticians who worked with specificity and precision.  Any error cost factalities and financial loss.  Projects became a great alternative for traditional organizations.  Today a hybrid of th two schools of thought have come into fruition.  The matriz corporate structure is middle ground between functional and project structure. In this matrix workers report to  project managers and may split their time between two or mor projects.  With a structure such as this how is the worker to be compensated.  Project manger software takes into consideration these nuance and presents these taks in a neat package to the client.

Decription of Two Different Role Project Managers Play.

One might be inclined to think that project management references information technology only. Actually project managers can be found at constuction sites, consulting firms, nonprofit organization and computer science firms.  The author describes project managers as “goal oriented individuals who drive busines results by leading projects.  They are change  agents or facilitators who can withstand stress of work environment.  Project management skills are even needed in the field of IT, from database administrators to the network specialist and technical writers.

Whether the lead call himself a project manager or scrum manager he must achieve a profit or the company functions at a loss, if at all.  What if the project manager is abroad in London and is confronted with a term such ScrumMaster.  William Staling in his book Business Data Communication notes that a good poject manager may not be a good ScrumMaster.  If a PM is in a country where he allows himself to be called a ScrumMaster, then his contemporaries may be persuaded that he is not interested in “develpment.”  Or, they would be sure that he understood the purpose of a “sprint.”   Actually a a sprint is the “next meeting.”  We know oveer and again that the terminolgy used slightly alters the dynamic of the business environment.  Overseas, a sprint normally occurs two or four  times a week during which specific work must be completed and made ready for review.  In difficult proects management may request team and “teams of teams.”  The ScrumMaster coordinates daily scrum. (last short meeting)

Tools of Technology Community.

The leaders in the computer science industry wrote a lot of protocol for uniformity across platforms.  Executive order 13636 was issued, leading to National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) framework. This asists in problems developers were having communicating across platforms while working on projects.  Standardization of protocols used to access compucomputer systems is one of the tools scientific community uses to facilitate project management. Armed with a fair playing field of standardization, and software packages, project managers have changed the way they do business.

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